Menu Highlights

Our goal at Zoom with the Fall/Winter menu is to create a more balanced offering for our guests between light, healthy, nutritionally conscious cuisine and familiar, comfortable, “guilty pleasure” cuisine by incorporating a dedication to sustainability, local sourcing, and creativity.  We create food that allows the ingredients to speak with their own innate characteristics of flavor and texture, unmasked by pretense.

Whole grains, fresh local trout, Utah peaches, locally produced artisan cheeses and organic produce highlight this approach on the starter menu.  Super foods like avocado, honey, apple cider vinegar, and hot peppers play dual roles both in the flavor profile and in the appeal to health conscious diners.  Our salads burst with color and crunch this fall with agave candied almonds and dried tart cherries bringing the super foods and maple vinaigrette adding a seasonal touch.

Zooms entrée’s feature the Chefs signature dish of Pork Tenderloin with balsamic apple grape chutney as well as more seasonal items like butternut squash ravioli with snap peas and a pumpkin/coconut sauce as well as the sweet potato accompaniment on the Half Chicken.  Zoom guests who crave the Tree Room Pepper Steak will be pleased to see nothing changed with that item and will also see new twists on popular items like the Utah Trout, now crusted with pepita and served with an Asian Plum Vinaigrette.

For Lunch at Zoom, there will be some great new sandwiches.  A Chefs selection fish sandwich daily, as well as new preparations on old favorites like the Chicken Sandwich and the Jalapeno Wrap.

Looking forward and looking back, food for you and a good reason to hit the gym.  I am so proud to present this menu to Sundance and our guests and to be a part of the Sundance Family again.

Chef Roger Laws

Zoom offers a wide variety of beverage choices year-round, including the Sundance Label Wines, as well as a full bar with other premium wines, beers, champagnes, and spirits.  Zoom also features wonderful espresso, coffee and teas drinks.