Our Story

Hotel Exterior

The story of Zoom is the story of Park City itself.

In 1869, just four years after the Civil War ended, the Union Pacific Railroad was completing its stretch of the Transcontinental Railroad in northern Utah when silver was first struck in Park City. Attention turned to Park City. Ore began rolling out of the silver mines, and several years later the company seized an opportunity to build a spur line into the city to export the valuable resources and supply coal to fuel the mining operations.

By October of 1886, an iconic Union Pacific Railroad station had been built at the bottom of Main Street. When it opened for service, a local newspaper – The Park Record – reported: “The building is one of the finest in Park City…the design is modern tasteful and brilliant yellow paint adorns it on all sides.” It became a center of commerce and community life.

Robert Redford

This station is the building that Zoom now occupies. After nearly a century as an active train depot delivering daily loads of freight, baggage and passengers, while simultaneously housing ticket offices, wait rooms, and second-floor quarters for the station masters, the stop ceased its official railway functions in 1976–1977. Although the last train ran the Echo/Park City spur line in 1986, the rail bed remains in place today as an authentic tribute to the glory days of the Union Pacific Rail Trail.

When critically-acclaimed actor Robert Redford opened Zoom in 1995 as part of the Sundance Resort family, his vision of quality American continental cuisine in a fun, memorable atmosphere breathed new life into the retired railway station. Today, guests from all around the world visit Zoom to connect with the past and taste the best of the present!